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We’re delighted to be supporting Maths Week London 2019 to help raise the profile of maths and to enthuse more pupils throughout the city with a lifelong love of the subject.

At Third Space Learning we understand the value of pupil confidence, self-belief and enjoyment on attainment and progress in maths. We’re fortunate to be able to see and measure the impact of these changes in attitude through our online one-to-one interventions.

To support schools during Maths Week London we’ll be sharing many of our high quality maths activities and problems – perfect for developing pupil problem solving, reasoning and metacognition.

Our mission is to ensure that all pupils to have the opportunity to succeed in maths and we’re excited to be working more closely with schools and other education organisations to achieve this.

How Third Space Learning works with schools to raise attainment in maths

Primary schools use Third Space Learning to boost attainment and progress in Key Stage 2 maths. Our online 1-to-1 maths interventions from specialist maths tutors are designed to supplement quality first teaching, helping target pupils become more confident, resilient mathematicians.

Through our easily accessible online classroom schools can have up to 15 pupils working one-to-one with their own tutor at the same time. Pupils receive a weekly 1-to-1 lesson from their tutor. The lessons are recommended based on intelligent online assessment and each week pupils talk, draw and explain their way through our high quality lesson slides

The targeted 1-to-1 conversation helps pupils develop their reasoning and problems solving skills as they are challenged to explain the steps they are taking, whilst schools report the pupil enjoyment, confidence and love of maths is transformed through the regular, high quality maths talk with their own tutor. You can read more about it here.

In addition we provide a wide range of maths teaching resources and activities in our online resource library, the Third Space Maths Hub.

What schools are saying about Third Space Learning

“The children enjoy their sessions and the impact on confidence- seen in class- is excellent.” Barbara Yeo, Maths Leader, King’s Cliffe Endowed Primary School

“I really like the way that the intervention can be tailored to support the needs of the individual and that the children are moved through the lesson at a pace that suits them.”Valda Varadinek-Skelton, Maths Lead, Eldon Grove School

“The pupils that are receiving the programme have shown an excellent improvement in their confidence as well as competency in key areas. The progress reports clearly show how a pupil’s understanding is developing over time.” Rebecca Rocha, Assistant Headteacher, Shenley Primary School, Hertfordshire

See more reviews from our schools here.

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