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Maths Week London is all about improving children’s attitudes towards maths and sparking an interest in a subject that impacts all of our lives, every day!

We want to help parents support their children in achieving this. Below are a list of resources for both parents and children to enjoy and work on together at home.

1. Sumdog – free engaging and fun online mathematics practice for children aged 5-14. Sumdog personalises the questions for each child and tracks their progress through the school curriculum. Sign up for a free parent login and create an account for your child to get started.

2. The Mayor’s Fund for London – free resources from the Mayor’s Fund for London Parental Engagement project.

3. Mathematics Education Innovation – a selection of mathematics apps & games for a variety of age groups.

4. Parallel Maths by Simon Singh – sign up for free for 15 minute weekly maths challenges, created by No.1 bestselling author Dr Simon Singh.

5. National Numeracy Family Maths Toolkit –  ideas to help parents, families and children aged 13 and under enjoy everyday maths activities together.

6. Maths Zone – online interactive activities to improve mental maths skills and help with SATs revision.

7. The School Run – tools to help you understand what and how your child is learning at primary school, including downloadable resources you can use at home.

8. Top marks – a series of articles offering advice on how to best support and encourage your child in their education, including top tips on how your child can benefit most from the work that they bring home. 

9. NRICH – although typically a resource for teachers, take advantage of browsing the mathematics activities by topic and test your child on what they’ve been learning in class.

10. Maths on Toast Bites – a series of short how-to films demonstrating creative maths activities. Designed to broaden children and their families view of what and where maths is and support the concept that maths can be creative family fun. Each film is accompanied by a downloadable instruction sheet. Suitable for use at home, at school or in a community setting.


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