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Resources KS2 | Maths Week London: 22nd - 26th June


Key Stage 2

Ages 7 -11


The Maths Week London Contest from Sumdog

We are inviting schools from across London to take part in the Maths Week London Contest, hosted by Sumdog.

It’s free to take part & is a fantastic way to motivate children & build their confidence.

Key Stages: 1,2,3

Enter the contest

Maths Clubs

A good Maths Club gives pupils the opportunity to experience maths outside the normal classroom environment, and should make maths engaging and enjoyable. The club should raise the profile of maths in school and support your pupils to:

  • Improve their subject knowledge
  • Improve their attitudes to maths
  • Increase self-confidence.

Following a three year project involving 26 primary schools across London looking into best practice, we have created this practical Toolkit to help you and your pupils get the most out of your Maths Club. It contains all the information and resources you need to start your own Maths Club in your primary school, including downloadable activity guides, worksheets, videos and case studies.

Key Stages: 1, 2

Download the Maths Clubs Activities

LGfL’s Search and Rescue with HM Coastguard

 Maths doesn’t get more real than an HM Coastguard search & rescue mission. Featuring exclusive footage of real‐life rescues at sea, lifeboat and helicopter searches, and rescue coordination at the National Maritime Operations Centre, pupils can see mathematical problem‐solving in action – real life, with real consequences.
Topics covered include Bearings, Pythagoras and Trigonometry, Algebra, Vectors and Speed, Distance and Time.

Introduction to KS2 Search and Rescue Cross-topic KS2 project 

Watch the Search and Rescue

Resource Trailer 

Search and Rescue Screenshots 

Key Stages: 2 & 3


Maths on Toast

Maths at Home

Create, craft and explore with hands-on maths activities from Maths on Toast. See Maths on Toast at Home.

Maths on Toast Bites

Watch and do with Maths on Toast Bites ‘how-to’ creative maths videos. Watch the videos.

Festival of Triangles

Festival of Triangles is a week-long, whole-school celebration of shape culminating in a family event to construct a huge Sierpinski tetrehedron! Find out more.

Just2easy Maths Week London Games

Just2easy are launching some Maths Week London resources for J2blast!

Key Stages: 1,2

View the resources



A range of resources and games to improve children’s confidence in maths and encourage a positive attitude.

Key Stages: EYFS, 1, 2

Download the 2Simple Maths Week London Activity Pack


The Mathematical Association ‘Challenges Resources’

The MA provides two exciting opportunities per year for primary children.

The First Mathematics Challenge; aimed at years 3 and 4 offers an exciting and engaging maths Challenge paper. The Primary Mathematics Challenge, aimed at years 5 and 6 is designed for ‘outside the box’ thinking and a Bonus Round for high scorers!

Key Stages: 2



Association of Teachers of Mathematics

ATM have made a set of  FREE mathematical activities available to download for teachers and parents to support Maths Week London.

Access the resources 

Key stages: EYFS – KS5

DoodleMaths: Lesson Starters and One Month Home User Subscription

DoodleMaths is the multi-award winning programme that raises standards, builds confidence and accelerates progress. Get a taste of DoodleMaths with this collection of over 350 primary school curriculum maths topics, each including explanations, examples and sample questions from our DoodleMaths app that you can use during lessons.

Key Stages: EYFS, KS1, KS2

Download Maths Week London Lesson Starters 

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