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Maths Week London Contest from Sumdog

We are inviting schools from across London to take part in an online contest!

It’s free to take part & is a fantastic way to motivate children & build their confidence.

Key Stages: 1,2,3

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Here at DoodleMaths, we reward effort over ability. Just 10 minutes a day is proven to raise confidence and achievement in maths. Come and see for yourself!

Key Stages: 1, 2, 3

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Maths with Parents videos

These free trials include a short video in which kids explain how a maths topic is taught and fun activities to play together about this topic. Most importantly, these activities are fun. You won’t find any worksheets or exam questions, just games, stories, dances, puzzles, adventures and more!

Key Stages: 1

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Maths on Toast Festival of Triangles

Festival of Triangles, created by family maths charity Maths on Toast, is a triangle themed maths week!

A series of teacher-led, classroom based activities culminate in an after-school community finale event to which parents, carers, children and teachers are invited. It’s a mix between a school fair, a school performance and a whole week packed full of creative maths lessons.

Key Stages: 1, 2

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Numberella Club & Trial

Numberella is a game that makes maths fun. Use it to accelerate arithmetic, reading and topic knowledge.

Extend the social impact of the game with free software that allows you to create teams and houses, and run a term long maths competition. Parents have an app too – so Numberella makes maths fun for everyone!

Join Numberella Club – a place where kids have fun together, playing Numberella and all the while, boosting their maths skills. Normally £20 per session, this special Maths Week offer gives you the chance to experience Numberella for free!

Key stages: 1, 2, 3

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Maths Clubs

A good Maths Club gives pupils the opportunity to experience maths outside the normal classroom environment, and should make maths engaging and enjoyable. The club should raise the profile of maths in school and support your pupils to: Improve their subject knowledge, Improve their attitudes to maths and Increase self-confidence.

Following a three year project involving 26 primary schools across London looking into best practice, we have created this practical Toolkit to help you and your pupils get the most out of your Maths Club. It contains all the information and resources you need to start your own Maths Club in your primary school, including downloadable activity guides, worksheets, videos and case studies.

Key Stages: 1, 2

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As part of our commitment to help build a better future for our young people, we have partnered with Maths Week London to make some of our most popular maths games completely free to London schools.

Key Stages: 1,2

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Maths on Toast Bites: 'How To' films

A series of short how-to films demonstrating creative maths activities.

Designed to broaden children and their families view of what and where maths is and support the concept that maths can be creative family fun. Each film is accompanied by a downloadable instruction sheet.

In addition to using in school, you can share the link to the films with parents – you may wish to further encourage parental engagement by sending home copies of the printable activities in the downloadable instructions.

Watch the videos here


FunKey Times Tables

FunKey Times Table cards are a fun way to help your child remember times table facts. Our cards use colour and shape to provide strong visual support for your child’s learning. The more they play, the more they remember!

Download instructions for eleven fun games to play with the cards.

Order your free pack of cards using the coupon code LONDON.


There are 100 free packs available. One free pack only per customer and per household.

Numberella Maths Ecosystem – Free Ticket

In this talk, you will learn about the various methods used by Alexander F.L. Newberry over 11 years of private tuition to accelerate arithmetic and get kids performing better in exams.

Perfect for parents with children approaching competitive exams, the talk will explain how to use Numberella the game, how to use Numberella brain training books, and how to use the Numberella App to bring the fun into the digital space too!

Key stages: 1, 2




Just2easy Maths Week London Games

Just2easy are launching some Maths Week London resources for J2blast!

Key Stages: 1,2, 3

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Primary Mathematics

Primary Mathematics is a magazine written by Primary Teachers for Primary Teachers. Content is often but not always themed and endeavours to blend ideas for classroom activities with articles about research, events and current news items relative to Primary Maths Education.

Key Stages: 1, 2

Download Primary Mathematics Spring 2019


Fluent in Five - daily activities

Our hugely popular daily arithmetic scheme designed help raise maths attainment with just 5 minutes practice every day. Use this free week of Fluent in Five during London Maths Week to help pupils in Year 1 and 2 develop their mathematical fluency. Answers included.

Key Stage: 1

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Maths Investigations

Open-ended Investigations are brilliant for getting children and families really thinking and talking together about Maths.

The three activities we have selected for Maths Week London are all low-threshold and high-ceiling, which means that they are both accessible and challenging for all ages and capabilities. The results make great wall displays too! Photocopiable worksheets included if you want them, plus full teachers’ notes.

Key stages: 1

Download KS1 activity – Number Chains & Digit Wheels

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