EYFS & Key Stage 1

Ages 5 – 7


Sumdog's Maths Week London contest

Date: 23rd – 29th June 2023

Celebrate maths and bring children together with a fun online maths contest from the founders of Maths Week London!

The contest helps develop children’s number fluency as they answer quick-fire questions in game format. Personalised questions also help to build pupil confidence as they answer questions tailored to their individual level.

Learn more about the Sumdog contest here.

Maths at Home - Support for Busy Parents

Designed to provide support for parents wishing to help their child with their mathematical development. 

A video has been made for each national curriculum descriptor. Each video is a snapshot of how many schools teach particular strands, and also provides examples of how parents could support their child at home.

Explore maths resources from LGfL.

Times Tables Rock Stars London Rocks contest

From Monday 26th June to Wednesday 28th June, Times Tables Rock Stars will be running London Rocks– an online times table competition for schools across Greater London. They are looking for the most dedicated schools, classes and pupils to award with prizes and certificates for their hard work and dedication.

Learn more about the London Rocks contest here.

NumBots Gumball Bot

Print out our Gumball Bot resources to practise subitising within 6 or adding two numbers within 12.

Learn more about NumBots here


Gumball Bot Addition

Add two single digit numbers within 12. Download resource here (PDF 364 KB).


Gumball Bot Subitising

Subitise single digit numbers within 12. Download resource here (PDF 360 KB).

Freckle by Renaissance: Everyday Maths resources
Help your pupils explore ‘everyday maths’ with free teaching materials and fun activities!

In real life, maths is everywhere – in shapes, patterns, and everyday activities. Renaissance’s free resources are designed to help primary school pupils to think about this by putting on their ‘maths goggles’ and participating in a series of fun activities.

Access the resources here

2Simple Purple Mash activities

2Simple have created a range of London-themed Purple Mash resources for Maths Week London 2023.

Download the Purple Mash pack (PDF 1535 KB)

Numberella The Thanksgiving Timewarp

In this 18 Episode Escape Room Adventure, help Numberella and Ronnie Resist:

– locate and travel through a Worm Hole
– learn to fly using the Rings Of Power
– escape the clutches of evil Croatoan
– make it back safe to Probabilium

Get a special edition certificate for each episode completed. Collect the codes on each certificate to access the high security DETER Gateway.

The first player to get through all the gates and sign up for DETER will win x1 box of Numberella Deluxe, the multi award winning maths game.

Play now – click here


Teachers – if you want to access a Numberella Escape Room for a specific maths topic, click here.

Free school closure resources
Maths Snack Videos

ATM experts share ideas through Maths Snacks videos, supporting children whether they are in school or at home.

The videos are a mix of tasks, puzzles, challenges and games; selected to support and enrich mathematics taught at school.

Many videos can be accessed by very young children, with a little bit of adult support, and all are relevant to pupils across the school age range. There’s hardly ever a single right answer and there are many ways of working on tasks. 

The videos are designed to entice and to focus on working in the ways mathematicians do; such as exploring situations, looking for patterns and rules, asking questions and seeking answers, and trying out and testing ideas.

Watch AIM videos

Free school closure resources
Maths on Toast Activities

Time for a creative approach to build positive memories of maths and a confident, can-do attitude

Our hands-on creative approach draws on art, craft, construction, science and nature. The result is an array of crafty, playful, open-ended maths activities designed to inspire curiosity and encourage children to think creatively and explore different maths concepts in their own time and at their own pace. Key skills to becoming a successful mathematician. 

Explore free resources from Maths on Toast.

Maths Explorers Activities

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