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Sumdog provides engaging learning and practice in numeracy for children aged 5-14, and literacy for children aged 5-11.

Our online learning service is used by millions of children worldwide. It adapts to each individual, using engaging game-based learning to motivate and build confidence.

In 2019, Sumdog founded Maths Week London to celebrate maths and nurture a love for a subject that impacts all of our lives, every day!


We are an independent pan-London charity championing opportunities for young Londoners from low income backgrounds.


We support business, funders and others to understand and take the actions that have the most impact on young Londoner’s life chances, and bring together partnerships and funding to back innovative ideas and to take promising initiatives to scale.

LGfL is a charitable trust whose mission is the advancement of education. We provide schools with licences worth more than £11 M per annum as part of their broadband subscription. Since 2014, we’ve identified more than £50M in potential funding for free school meals.

LGfL has twice won the Not for Profit Supplier of the Year to Education

Gold partners

Our data sync platform was built from understanding the pressure on schools to maintain and manage their data accurately, while adhering to data protection obligations. So Wonde created a simple platform where schools can quickly and securely maintain and manage their data while controlling how it is shared with third-party applications. Our product is now within over 24,000 schools in over 60 countries, managing 35 million individuals data.

CENTURY is an online teaching and learning tool that combines artificial intelligence with the latest research in learning science and neuroscience. It creates constantly adapting personalised pathways for every student and powerful intervention data for teachers. Learn more at www.century.tech.

Silver Partners

2Simple has been making powerful and creative educational software for learners and schools for over 20 years. 2Simple are committed to providing creative and inclusive software to encourage children to love learning and prepare them for later life.  The team at 2Simple work hard to provide teachers, schools, and educators with the innovative resources they need to inspire and educate the next generation. Today their software is used by learners in over 11,000 schools, in more than 70 countries.


Maths Circle is an internationally trusted edtech company who create award-winning maths programmes dedicated to helping children acquire fundamental numeracy skills. Our expertise in maths mastery, combined with enticing gamification and design, makes maths fun.

Bronze Partners

Numberella is designed to create a space where teaching is less formal, more fun, and crucially, allows students to ‘win’ while learning maths. Starting off as a few pieces of screwed up paper in a bag, the game has been developed over 4 years and thousands of teaching hours, and has been trialling successfully in a wide range of UK schools in 2017.

Oxford University Press advances knowledge and learning of all kinds. We strive to help more and more people around the world achieve their potential. As a department of the University of Oxford, it is our mission to further their objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Created in 1999, Teachit is an ever-expanding online library of thousands of free teaching resources and lesson ideas for EYFS through to KS5. Publishing worksheets, PowerPoints, games, CPD articles and schemes of work for maths, English, science, languages, geography and history, Teachit is unique in that it is the only website offering teaching resources created and checked by teachers themselves.

Robotical is on a mission to bring learning alive. We design and manufacture Marty the Robot – a walking, dancing, football-playing robot that helps introduce children to the world of coding and robotics in a fun, engaging and hands-on way. The complementary Learning Library includes an abundance of lesson plans and teacher resources to help bring Marty to learners as young as five. 


Twinkl was founded in 2010 in Sheffield by husband and wife Jonathan and Susie Seaton, with a mission ‘to help those who teach’. The company provides high quality, online learning materials and services, which are all teacher-created and checked.

Twinkl is used and trusted by schools and educators in over 200 countries and regions, including primary and secondary school teachers, nursery workers and parents.

More information can be found at twinkl.co.uk

GCSEPod is now a part of Education Demand – bringing you even more award-winning content, assessment, and analytics all in one place.

Described as the ‘Netflix’ of education, Education Demand is developed and built to engage learners, improve confidence, and accelerate progress. Accessible and easy-to-digest video content is the perfect solution for flipped, interleaved learning.

Find out how you can reduce workload whilst helping students achieve on average 1 grade higher in maths.

For best results use all year round, so contact us now to get set up before the end of term.

The Mathematical Association exists to support and promote confidence and enjoyment in mathematics for all.

We do this through interacting with teachers and those with an interest in mathematics via our publications and journals, professional development provisions including regular webinars, conferences and nation-wide branches. We work to influence mathematics education policy in evidence-based ways that support the development of a mathematically-enabled confident and interested population.

ATM logo

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics welcomes everyone, from all levels, with an interest in mathematics education and teaching.  Members are part of a community of educators with access to stimulating activities, thought provoking research and genuine good practice in the classroom and have access to resources, activities, ideas, discussion, professional support, local network meetings and CPD, such at the Annual Conference to enrich and support your teaching.

Free school closure resources

Maths on Toast’s mission is to make maths a creative, enjoyable, hands-on, social activity for families and communities. We want everyone to feel positive about maths – to feel that it is something they can do, and enjoy..

Free school closure resources

The NRICH Project aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners. To support this aim, members of the NRICH team work in a wide range of capacities, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice.

The Teach Company provides advice to schools and targeted marketing through multiple channels, including print and digital. We have helped thousands of companies bring their messages direct to schools and teachers.

We are a non-profit organisation, dedicated to supporting teachers in providing consistent, high-quality education to all students. In particular, our programmes are targeted towards supporting disadvantaged children. We aim to level the playing field, so that every young person can succeed.

Students on our curriculum are proven to achieve half a grade more than their peers across the UK.

We are passionate about supporting children and young people to have the best start in life and providing high-quality learning is central to that. Islington’s Community of Schools work closely with one another to meet the diverse needs of children living or going to school in the borough. The Community of Schools is made up of academies, community, foundation, free, trust, and voluntary–aided schools.

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