2023 events coming soon!

In the meantime, take a look back at some of the events we held last year.

The Sumdog Contest

Celebrate maths and bring children together with a fun online maths contest from the founders of Maths Week London.

The contest is completely free to enter and is a fantastic way to motivate children and encourage teamwork as they battle it out against schools across the capital to become London champions.

Help develop children’s number fluency as they answer quick-fire questions in game format. Personalised questions also help to build pupil confidence as they answer questions tailored to their individual level.

Date: Friday 24th – Thursday 30th June

Suitable for: KS1-3

Cost: free

Century free trial and competition

To celebrate Maths Week London, CENTURY is offering participants a free trial of their primary maths courses, and from Monday 27th June to Friday 1st July, they will be running a usage competition for schools across London.

There will be prizes and certificates for the school that answers the most nuggets (micro-lessons) to celebrate their hard work.

Date: Monday 27th June – Friday 1st July

Suitable for: KS2

Cost: free

Numberella's Interactive Adventure Competition
£750 in prizes to be won
Numberella’s Interactive Adventures combine an exciting adventure story with curriculum linked maths problems. They are available in KS1 and KS2 versions. They are completely free.
Students answer maths questions related to the story to access the next instalment of the adventure. Once the episode is complete, students can download a certificate, which is the gateway to the prizes.

Student Prizes
  • Student 1st Prize – x1 box of Numberella Deluxe + Dice Mat  + Trucker Cap (Value £60)
  • 3 Student Runners Up will win a Numberella trucker cap each. (Value £36)

How to win:

Complete the first 6 Episodes of Numberella And The Thanksgiving Timewarp. Collect the DETER codes on each certificate. Enter them into the gateway. Answer the riddle. Email your answer. The first correct answer we receive will win the prize. 

School Prizes

  • School 1st Prize – x5 boxes of Numberella Deluxe + 5 Dice Mats + 30 minute PD on using it in a school setting (Value £315)
  • School 2nd Prize – x 3 Boxes Of Numberella Deluxe + 3 Dice Mats + 30 minutes PD  on using it in a school setting (Value £219)
  • School 3rd Prize – x 1 Box Of Numberella Deluxe + 1 Dice Mat + 30 minutes PD on using it in a school setting (Value £123)

How to win: 

The schools with the most downloads of prize certificates from across the Numberella Interactive Adventure range, logged between 0900 Monday 27th July and 1700 Friday 1st July, will win the prizes. We will count according to email URLs, so make sure your students use their school email addresses when downloading the certificates.  


Date: Monday 27th June 9:00 am – Friday 1st July 5:00 pm

Suitable for: KS2

Cost: free

Smash Maths Maths Week London competition

Are your pupils ready to SMASH Maths for Maths Week London?

From Monday 27th June 2022 to Sunday 3 July 2022, every Greater London primary school pupil can enter our fantastic SMASH Maths London prize draw by collecting our special London themed GIFS

It is simple to enter!

All pupils need to do is complete their Year group online Practice and collect at least six London themed GIFs that are rewarded when questions are answered correctly. Once they have answered 6 or more questions correctly, they can enter into our Prize Draw. Also, you can collect GIFs along the way and post your GIF chart on Twitter at #smashmaths!

One lucky pupil from each year group will be drawn from the prize draw to win a £25 Amazon voucher each. Now let’s SMASH Maths for London Maths Week!

Date: Monday 27th June – Sunday 3rd July

Suitable for: Years 1 – 6

Cost: free

Maths Explorers Community Creative Maths Exploring Online

Polyominoes are a family of shapes that have been popularised in many board & digital games over the years, one of the most famous ones being ‘Tetris’. A polyomino is a plane geometric figure formed by joining one or more equal squares edge to edge, they are kind of everywhere once we know how to spot them! Come join us for an introduction to this fun shape and an investigation to get stuck into!

Date: Thursday 30th June 2022, 6:00 – 6:45 pm

Suitable for: Years 5 – 6 pupils (ages 9 – 11)

Cost: free

Parallel's Famous London Mathematicians
Join a live online session about London’s greatest mathematicians

Join bestselling author Simon Singh and Countdown champion Junaid Mubeen for a 30-minute whistlestop tour of London’s greatest mathematicians, from Isaac Newton to Ada Lovelace, from Alan Turing to Charles Babbage and more. Join them online to explore range of mathematical puzzles with a London theme. The session will be interactive, so students will be able to ask questions via chat, answer questions via polls and stretch their brains.

No need to register, just visit the Parallel website at the right time on the right day.

Parallel hosts live free interactive maths sessions every week of the year. If you create a free parent, teacher or student account on Parallel, then you will have access to all their math sessions free of charge. There are different maths sessions (known as maths circles) for each age group from 9 to 18 years.

Date: Friday 1st July, 5:00 – 6:00pm & 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Suitable for: All ages

Cost: free

The Maths Week London TeachMeet

Time: 3:45 – 5:00 pm

Suitable for: Educators

Cost: Free

This an opportunity to bring educators together online, sharing ideas, insights and best practice to support our mission of improving children’s confidence in mathematics.

There’ll also be a raffle sponsored by our founders Sumdog, with the lucky winner being chosen during the event!

Date: Thursday 23rd June, 3:45 – 5:00 pm

Suitable for: Educators

Cost: free

The London Rocks TTRS Contest

From Monday 27th June to Wednesday 29th June, Times Tables Rock Stars will be running an online times table (and division) competition for schools across London. We’re looking for the most dedicated schools, classes and pupils to award them with prizes and certificates for their hard work and dedication.

Date: Monday 27th – 29th June

Suitable for: KS1-2

Cost: free

Maths on Toast Schools Online Stay-In Session
Time to create never ending patterns with Infinity Tiles!
Create and decorate tiles, exploring how shapes and lines can rotate and fit together. Discover how simple geometry can be used to create complex designs.
This live online session is run by Maths on Toast community and schools team and Infinity Tiles is our summer Join-In project – all schools will be encouraged to send their creations in for our online gallery.

Date: Tuesday 28th June, 9:30 – 10:15 am

Suitable for: EYFS/KS1/KS2

Cost: free

NRich Live Webinar

Join Liz and Charlie from NRICH  for a chance to work collaboratively on some of their favourite problems. We hope that after the event, students will continue to think about the tasks and devise some elegant solutions.

This webinar will offer a great opportunity for students to work together. We will alternate between thinking time and discussion time, bringing everyone together at various stages during the session.

We suggest teachers set up a computer and a projector to display the live feed to the whole class, who can work on the problems in small groups while the class teacher submits students’ work via the Zoom Chat facility. Students will need pen and paper, or whiteboards. If schools have access to a class set of tablets and wifi, then they may wish to have them available too, but they are certainly not essential.

Date: Tuesday 28th June, 9:45 – 10:30 am

Suitable for: KS2-3

Cost: free

Robotical Live Webinar

Bring maths to life with a real, walking, programmable robot! 

This is an opportunity to walk through free lesson plans and showcase the addressed curriculum standards with Michael Sinclair, content creator and educator with over +20 years of experience in primary and secondary education. 

Date: Tuesday 28th June, 3:00 pm

Suitable for: Educators

Cost: free

Mayor's Fund: Count on Us Primary Challenge final

NOTICE: This programme is now fully subscribed for 2022. If you’d like to sign up for next year’s programme or any other activities, please email the Mayor’s Fund for London team.

The Count on Us Primary Challenge is an exciting pan-London maths programme engaging pupils in a range of maths activities to challenge, motivate and inspire.

By combining a series of mental arithmetic and problem solving tasks, the Count on Us Primary Challenge provides an exciting opportunity for pupils to work together, compete against other schools and develop their confidence as mathematicians.

Date: Wednesday 29th June

Suitable for: KS1-2

Cost: free

The Maths Week London Teacher Celebration

Join the Maths Week London team and all of our wonderful partners as we celebrate maths in style at City Hall! This is an excellent opportunity to network with fellow educators and celebrate with a glass or two of something special.

Date: Wednesday 29th June, 4:00 – 6:00 pm (with drinks reception until 7pm)

Suitable for: Educators

Cost: free

Want to host your own event? Get some inspiration from other schools

In 2021, Drayton Park Primary School in Islington applied for Maths Week London’s small grants fund, and used the fund to host their very own Maths Day.

Check out the case study to hear about the impact it had on their pupils and parents, and get some ideas for Maths Week London 2022!


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