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Join us every day this week for a very special #MathsWeekLDN lesson

Join Natasha Dolling, the Maths Director at Leo Academy Trust, as she shares a whole host of fun challenges and resources to celebrate maths and get pupils engaged.

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Day 5: Tube navigation challenge

For our final daily challenge, we try and navigate the tube. Let’s go!

Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2
Additional resources

KS1 Tube navigation slides

KS2 Tube navigation slides and working out template


Further resources:

Tube map website



KS1 Tube navigation answers

KS2 Tube navigation answers

Day 4: London landmarks and tangrams challenges

Today, we take a look at some London landmarks and have some fun with tangrams. Are you ready?!

Don’t forget to sign up for Leo Academies’ live London landmarks event for KS2 pupils.

Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2

Day 3: London Symbols challenge

Today, we look at some famous London symbols… can you work out the key?

Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2
Additional resources


Level 1 slides and quiz

Level 2 slides and quiz

Level 3 slides and quiz

Level 4 slides and quiz

Level 5 slides and quiz



Level 1 answers

Level 2 answers

Level 3 answers

Level 4 answers

Level 5 answers


Further resources:

 How to make a quiz video 

Day 2: Tube Stations challenge

Today’s challenge is all about London tube stations… do you know which tube lines have an even number of stations?

Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2
Additional resources

Day 1: Code Breaking Challenge

In our first maths challenge, we become code breakers! 

All you need is some paper and a pencil…are you ready?!

Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2

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