Compete against schools across London

Sumdog invites your pupils to practise maths, have fun and compete against other classes to become London Maths Champions!

The contest is completely FREE to enter and is a great way to motivate children and encourage teamwork.

Play Sumdog in class or set it as homework, it all counts towards the contest!

Develop children’s number fluency as they have to answer quick-fire questions

Increase children’s motivation as they work with their classmates to complete against schools across London

Help every child reach their potential as the questions are tailored to the individual pupil

How to take part

1. Sign up for a free account, or log in if you’re already registered.

2. Select ‘Contests’ and choose the Maths Week London Contest

3. Start playing! 

The winners

The winning class will have achieved the most accurate scores during the week. All of the questions are tailored to each pupil’s level, giving everyone a fair chance of winning.

The prize

The winning class will be awarded a Sumdog trophy that will be presented at a special prize giving in central London.

So what are you waiting for? The contest starts on 7th June but you can get started now by entering the warm up contest to familiarise children with the games. 


Get into the competitive spirit and challenge schools in your local area to join in. Tweet @Sumdog, using #SumdogContest to get involved!

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