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Contest | Maths Week London: 28th June - 2nd July

Compete against schools across London

Don’t miss the Maths Week London Contest from Sumdog.

This is your chance to compete against classes from across the capital to become London’s champions!

Last year over 3,000,000 maths questions were answered over the week by 11,884 children across the capital and the winners attended a special award ceremony at London’s City Hall. 

The contest is completely free to enter and is a fantastic way of motivating children and encouraging teamwork.

Develop children’s number fluency as they have to answer quick-fire questions

Increase children’s motivation as they work with their classmates to complete against schools across London

Help every child reach their potential as the questions are tailored to the individual pupil

Watch the contest in action

How to take part

1. Sign up for a free account, or log in if you’re already registered.

2. Select ‘Contests’ and choose the Maths Week London Contest

3. Start playing! 

The winners

The winning class will have achieved the most accurate scores during the week. All of the questions are tailored to each pupil’s level, giving everyone a fair chance of winning.

The prizes

The overall 1st place class will receive a Maths Week London trophy. Each pupil in the winning class will receive an app store voucher, either for Android or iOS.

2nd and 3rd place classes will receive medals.

The top 3 pupils across London will receive medals and app store vouchers.

The top class each day will receive a printable daily winner certificate (a class can only be the Daily winner once during the contest).

All pupils who have answered 100 questions will receive a virtual item for their Sumdog house. This item will be delivered automatically as a gift to their account.


Get into the competitive spirit and challenge schools in your local area to join in. Tweet @Sumdog, using #SumdogContest to get involved!

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