Here at 2Simple, we have been making powerful, educational and creative software for 20 years. We are passionate about creating software that raises standards, enhances learning and saves planning time.

2Simple started in 1999 by a primary school teacher who saw there was a gap in the market for educational software, back when there was usually only one computer in a school! Our founder started to create software on CDs, which then developed into websites and apps. It’s estimated that 90% of UK primary schools have 2Simple Software in their school.

Now, 1.8 million children actively use Purple Mash!

2Simple are a global company based in the UK, but our software is used in over 74 countries worldwide supporting a range of curricula and languages. Teachers, parents and children love using 2Simple software because it’s available to use on any device you would find in a school, setting or at home.

We have a range of programmes available, our most popular being Purple Mash, an interactive and creative platform designed for children aged 4-11 covering the entire computing curriculum, including loads of coding activities and much more.

Within Purple Mash there’s thousands of resources, creative tools, games and activities to support the curriculum and provide teachers with a fantastic range of content and lesson plans to enhance their teaching and save hours of planning time.

Within each subject category such as mathematics, there’s a range of tools, games, topics and projects to teach children creativity as well as key skills. Mathematics has one of the highest rates of usage out of all the subjects available on Purple Mash. Children love playing competitive arithmetic game 2Race collaboratively within their class and learning about fractions through making Pizzas within the platform. Pupils can access Purple Mash at home to do homework set by their teachers or in their spare time.

We feel so lucky to get messages every single day about how much teacher’s and children love our software, Jen loves using Purple Mash for maths lesson starters.

“Purple Mash adds huge value to our children for maths. 2Race is a firm favourite, loved not only by our children but teachers too. The friendly, competitive game environment makes them actively want to succeed at securing their knowledge of number. There are tons of maths activities covering the whole curriculum which helps save our teachers time creating their own activities. The beauty of it all is that our children want to continue their learning beyond the classroom, easily achieved by setting 2Dos.”  Jennifer Squires-Jamison – Courtwood Primary School.

As well as Purple Mash, we also have a range of other programmes such as Mini Mash, which has been designed for Early Years children and 2Build a profile which is an award-winning app, designed to log children’s achievements against the Early Years and Primary curriculum.

For more information on the resources that 2Simple Software provide, visit us at 2simple.com.

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