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Maths Week London: 22nd - 26th June | Maths Week London: 22nd - 26th June

Join us to celebrate maths across the capital

22 – 26 June 2020








Celebrate Maths Week London…virtually!

Maths Week London will be returning on 22nd-26th June 2020.

Our original plans for Maths Week London this June have been stalled somewhat by recent global events. But we still believe that our mission is important and so we got thinking…

This year, we’ll be bringing you a week of activities and events that can be accessed online, in your garden or on your daily walk. Whether children are in school or at home, we want to encourage everyone to be maths heroes & celebrate maths!

Engage, inspire, motivate

Maths Week London is all about building children’s confidence, nurturing a love of maths and sparking an interest in a subject that impacts all of our lives, every day!

We are inviting primary and secondary schools, children, parents & carers from across London to join in the fun and help to raise the profile of maths across the capital.

So what are you waiting for? Explore the site for fantastic ways to get involved and share ideas, tweeting @MathsWeekLDN with #MathsWeekLDN.

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