At Maths Week London, we want learning maths to be as fun and inclusive as possible! To make this happen, we work with charities like the Mayor’s Fund for London to provide funding for schools that will allow for more educational resources to better education and encourage children to reach their full potential.

This year the Mayor’s Fund for London ran a small grants scheme available for London schools to support a maths-based project or activity to run during Maths Week London. The applications opened in March 2022 and prioritised schools in areas of deprivation with a higher percentage of pupil premium eligible students.

Bishop Challoner School for Girls taking part in activities during Maths Week London 2022. The girls are assembling robots in their new robotics club set up with the help of their small grant provided by Maths Week London partners.

Students from Bishop Challoner School for Girls building robots in their new robotics club

Thanks to the Maths Week London partner’s contributions, 14 schools across eight London boroughs received a £250 grant – let’s see what they got up to!

Bishop Challoner School for Boys and Bishop Challoner School for Girls in Tower Hamlets set up a new ‘robotics club’ to operate across the two schools.

Marion Richardson Primary School and Mowlem Primary School in Tower Hamlets ran an ‘Enterprise Week’. The children were given a budget to make and sell snacks. Children sold to each of their phase and calculated profits.

“As a school we found that this event has helped the children to see maths in real world. The children were enthusiastic and showed a great determination to use maths as a tool to help them achieve their goal. The grant helped children to receive a budget and use to create their own business which involved all children even those children that finds maths difficult.”

Eleanor Palmer Primary School in Camden bought resources for a ‘parents open morning’ to introduce and share stimulating maths games to play at home.

Frederick Bremer School in Waltham Forest organised a trip for Year 7 students to Bletchley Park and were able to subsidise fees for pupil premium eligible children.

“We used the grant money to subsidise a trip to Bletchley Park with Year 7. It helped give access to an enriching experience to students who otherwise would not be able to afford it…. The trip was an excellent motivational tool, and encouraged more students to engage with Maths, as well as witness the practical application of Maths and code-breaking during a historical event such as the World War.”

Godwin Primary School in Barking and Dagenham hosted an all-day workshop for all school pupils, with a particular focus on notable female mathematicians.

James Wolfe Primary School in Greenwich invested in outdoors-based maths games and provide additional maths-focused training opportunities for teaching staff.

Kobi Nazrul Primary School in Tower Hamlets invested in resources to support student ‘catch-up’ following school closures induced by the pandemic. By purchasing additional counters and counting objects, the children were able to work practically in pairs.

Launcelot Primary School in Bromley used the grant to buy playing cards. Some large set for teachers & a normal pack for every child in the school. Through the week, they learnt games that explicitly develop number skill as well as traditional card games where number skills are used but may be less obvious. Parents & carers joined children in class on Friday afternoon to play card games. Each child then took a pack of cards home so they can continue with this.

“We found many pupils had not used playing cards in any way before. They engaged readily with playing a variety of card games, even those who are less confident or less engaged in formal maths lessons. Having a pack of cards for each child to take home particularly supported underprivileged children who simply would not have been able to engage with this kind of activity at home without this opportunity.”

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Lewisham worked with their Head Boy and Girl to champion maths activities and initiatives across the school.

Thomas Tallis School in Greenwich invited Dr Eugenia Cheng and Rob Eastaway to speak to the school. Dr Cheng addressed the Year 12 cohort about the way that mathematics can help to re-evaluate gender in society, and Rob delivered a quiz session with Years 7 and 8 that highlighted the joys and surprises of mathematics.

Thomas Buxton Primary School in Tower Hamlets invested in clock sets and play money to support the teaching of real-world maths.

Thomas Buxton Primary School taking part in activities during Maths Week London 2022. The students are learning about time using their new clocks that were purchased with the help of their small grant provided by Maths Week London partners.

Students from Thomas Buxton Primary School using their new clocks to learn about time

“Due to budget cuts, we have not been able to afford to buy resources to support Maths learning, however, due to the grant we were able to purchase sets of clocks to support the pupils’ learning of time. This had a particular impact on those children who do not always access learning at home and rely solely on school for supporting them with maths/life skills such as time-telling.”

Finally, Elmgrove Primary School & Nursery in Harrow applied for the grant so that they could buy the 24® Game to use in class, clubs, and tournaments – including an exciting ‘Teachers vs Students’ event. Their incredible efforts certainly paid off, as during Maths Week London, the team from Elmgrove Primary were crowned Count On Us Maths Challenge champions at City Hall.

From the team at Maths Week London, we want to thank all our participating schools for their innovation, enthusiasm and dedication during Maths Week London 2022.

We hope by sharing this year’s amazing accomplishments that schools will gain plenty of inspiration about how to celebrate Maths Week London 2023!

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If you would like to get your school involved in the Mayor’s Fund for London’s maths programmes throughout the year, the Count on Us Maths Challenge is now open for registrations.

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