With Maths Week London less than a month away, we wanted to share some fun activities and ideas that schools are running to celebrate maths this summer!

What do you have planned? We’d love to hear from you.

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“To combat maths anxiety, we’re taking maths outside and setting up a skipping rope challenge! We will be focusing on data handling and representing the results of the challenge using graphs, tables and charts. This is a way to apply the maths curriculum in a practical and engaging way that gets everyone exercising at the same time!”

“We will be supporting disadvantaged children by sending home resource packs focused on improving their mental maths skills. There will be activities, parent-support videos and maths story books!”

“To help pupils who need additional support, we’re setting up a Maths Cafe. We’re inviting parents to work with their children on solving problems and playing maths games together. Teachers will be on hand to help and show how to use the resources to best support their children.”


“Each year group will have the chance to complete a fun maths trail around the school, applying and enhancing learning in different contexts, linking maths to real life and making it really relevant to children.”

“We are hosting a cooking club to teach and model how to prepare simple meals using everyday maths life skills: measuring, timing etc!”

“We’re hosting a week of outdoor maths activities using equipment such as maths activity cards, cones, dominoes, number lines, to help children explore and play and relating maths to the wider world.”


“To celebrate maths, we’re hosting a whole-school maths assembly followed up by workshops to each year group. We’ll be exploring 2D & 3D shapes, playing problem-solving games and singing mathematical songs!”


Don’t forget that there are free resources to download, contests to enter and events to attend as part of Maths Week London!