Join the thousands of children taking part in Maths Week London 2019


This week, schools from across London have pledged to take part in Maths Week London 2019 in a bid to improve attitudes towards maths and build children’s confidence.

Through fun activities, events and an online contest, schools will be celebrating maths and making it more accessible to all children.

Andrea Carr, chair of Maths Week London founding partner, Sumdog, said: “London is central to the UK’s economy and it is crucial that children across the capital grow up to be number-confident individuals. Pupil enjoyment is at the heart of improving attitudes and the Maths Week London initiative seeks to build children’s confidence through a week of activities, resources and a London-wide contest to celebrate maths.”

Maths Weeks London is supported by social mobility charity the Mayor’s Fund for London, whose Count on Us programme works with schools to help young Londoners reach greater attainment levels in numeracy. The programme aims to make maths fun and improve confidence around learning as well as improving academic attainment and it has engaged more than 50,000 primary and secondary schoolchildren over the last 5 years.

Mayor’s Fund for London chief executive Kirsty McHugh said: “How we educate our young people has a profound impact not only on their own chances in life but on London’s economy and competitiveness. The Mayor’s Fund for London is delighted to be partnering with Maths Week London to raise awareness throughout London, and nationally, to change attitudes and encourage more children to enjoy maths.”

It’s not too late for your school to take part:

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